The Infosphere is a massive biological memory bank created by the Brain Spawn to catalogue all the information in the Universe.

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The Problem

Ethereum contracts are forever. Thats an incredibly powerful tool but also very scary for a developer. Not once in my life have I deployed code that was perfect and didn’t need an update.

Most developers will rightfully include a way to update specific storage values within a contract. But what if you need to create a new value that you didn’t think of when you first deployed your contract?

Lets imagine you have a Person contract that can update various features like firstName and lastName. You might create a contract that looks like this

contract Person is owned{

    string firstName;
    string lastName;

    function setFirstName(_firstName){
        if(msg.sender!=owner) throw;
        firstName = _firstName;

    function setLastName(_lastName){
        if(msg.sender!=owner) throw;
        lastName = _lastName;

Then you could update a person like so


This is reasonable, but not very future proof. Lets say that in a couple years we want to give every person an coinbase field. Unfortunately, we’d be stuck without any path to do it.

The Solution

Enter infosphere - an arbitrary key/value data store.


Rather than individually list the various fields we have, we could simply have our Person contract inherit an infosphered contract and set a local infopshere reference.

contract Person is infosphered{

    function Person(){
        infosphere = Infosphere(0x...)


And once deployed set storage values.


Rather than storing values locally, the infopshered contract calls Infosphere who stores the values in a map.

And if we ever need to add a coinbase field, we could simply


Using Infosphere in your contracts

Using a prebuilt Infosphere

I’ve deployed an Infosphere at 0x1a8703734b493578bf84d385b1f537412398277b for use in SafeMarket. You’re more than welcome to use it as well. It includes 6 basic solidity types (bool, address, bytes, string, int, uint). Based on your particular needs, this may be overkill or underkill.

Creating your own Infosphere with Grunt

I’ve put together a grunt task for building your own Infosphere and infosphered contracts with whatever arbitrary types you need. Using grunt, you can quickly create contracts that includes every possible solidity type


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